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Calling all Medical Coding professionals and coding companies

We represent a Research & Development company in the UK called Blue Gazelle. We have developed ground breaking artificial intelligence based medical assisted coding software that works across all traditional code sets (ICD9, ICD10, CPT, HCPCS etc.)


We have successfully trialed our product in the United States and as a result have completed the orthopaedics module which is now ready to offer to the medical coding market. We can deliver speed and accuracy performance levels not previously seen. Due to a change in legislation in the USA, this has prompted us to look for an existing medical coding company based in the Philippines to form a partnership with. We would propose that our partner use our product to accelerate their performance levels and in return, we would have the access to the medical records we need finish off the remaining code sets. I would stress that these records would be nominalised (stripped of all personal data).


Our objective is to eventually have a complete offering across all medical code sets other than just orthopaedics. It may also be worth pointing out that our system recognizes all Latin based language character sets and furthermore, we are HIPAA / HITECH Compliant. We have a secure web offering or can work across HL7. If this proposition is of interest to any coding companies, please contact me and we can arrange a demonstration.