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Blue Gazelle’s Systems thinking

This is a radical new approach to analysing data structure. At the heart of our product is a unique algorithm, with unseen and unrivalled capability. Our system is able to work stand-alone or in synergy within a larger entity of platforms or networks with meticulous precision. Furthermore, it is capable of intelligent behaviour, intelligent behaviour that is constantly evolving through an inherent ability to learn through repetition.


This is achieved by its ‘first of a kind’ natural language engine. An engine that is capable of applying systemic, collective and demographic intelligence to exponentially improve accuracy and specificity producing remarkable results. There is simply no other system currently available like this. One that will analyse and decipher enormous quantities of complex medical dialogue at breathtaking speed whilst extracting and transforming exact intellectual interpretations from that data. It is for this reason that Blue Gazelle is truly one of a kind and has set out to revolutionise today’s global medical coding industry.