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Can your organisation afford not to do this?

Increase your reimbursement levels from insurance companies from 45 / 50 per cent to 90 percent and above. Our product has been successfully trialled and beta tested in the United States. Not only is our resource totally secure, but will exceed all security requirements and meet data-at-rest protection preconditions for HIPAA/HITECH Compliance.

This is your opportunity to give your medical coding team the mechanism they truly deserve. A mechanism that will dramatically improve and accelerate their performance to unimagined new levels of expeditiousness, accuracy and specificity. The billable codes being missed from conventional methods could mean that your organisation is missing out on up to forty per cent of the revenue to which you you are entitled. What could your business practice do with an increase in revenue of up to forty per cent? Historically, institutions have been put off by the extraordinarily high cost of coding assisted software but we can deliver unprecedented results at a fraction of the cost normally associated with this kind of offering. We will even let you trial it for free, so you really have nothing to lose.

Say good bye to coding backlogs and act today.

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Who We Are

Blue Gazelle is a group of dedicated information technology professionals coming from diverse backgrounds which include Edinburgh University and specialist fields of the IT industry. We have been striving for over fifteen years to bring our advancements in artificial intelligence and natural language based processing, out of research and development and into a suite of commercial applications. We have developed many unique techniques and algorithms which incorporate the latest innovations in Computer Assisted Applications to bring you, the next generation solutions that we believe will help address many of the most pressing needs faced by society today.


Blue Gazelle is proud to bring you ALP, ten years in the making, powered by our Adaptive Linguistic Processing engine. ALP is a unique advancement in combined Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Based System software. 

ALP intelligently analyses electronic patient healthcare records, understands logical scope and semantic breadth, for example: synonymies, acronyms, abbreviations, doctor speak, also detecting and allowing for common spelling errors. Supplying you with the relevant, billable codes in Real-Time. Modules are available for coding against the ICD9, ICD-10, CPT, OPCS, HCPCS and APC code-sets. 

ALP can function in any Latin based language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, etc. Asian character sets are to be developed at a later stage.

ALP HIS Gateway

Blue Gazelle, in partnership with Iatric systems, have brought to market a real-time HL7 service Interface that seamlessly integrates with your existing Hospital Information System (HIS). This Interface is HIS independent MediTech, Siemens MS4; fully auditable using Iatric Systems Security Audit Manager, contact us for further information.

ALP Secure Web

Blue Gazelle recognises that independent smaller operations such as doctors office’s and independent coders will not have an integrated HIS. To bridge this gap we offer ALP’s full potential to you through our secure web based service, patient records are simply copy and pasted into a web page a few seconds later the relevant codes are presented to you. Contact us for a presentation and further details.
The ALP Secure Web gives you all the benefits of our dedicated ALP HIS Gateway product. Code and Index documents automatically according to existing classifications such as ICD 9, ICD 10, CPT and OPCS, Codes.

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Blue Gazelle is made up of a group of dedicated IT Intelligent Technology professionals coming from diverse backgrounds within the IT industry. We have been striving for many years to bring about an advancement in artificial intelligence based processing from the laboratory into a viable commercial application.
We have developed unique algorithms and techniques which incorporate the latest innovations in information technology to bring you the next generation solutions to some of the most pressing needs faced by society.


Q. What is our product designed to do?

  • Dramatically improve the accuracy of code assignment.
  • To be easy to use (including transmission of transcribed data, initial coder instruction, and functionality of output information)
  • To enhance the ability of the coding software and review process and to radically improve coder productivity.

Q. Why is it revolutionary?

  • It enables the coder to code the majority of medical records at a very fast rate compared to conventional coding methods. This is achieved by its unique natural language engine, which can intelligently analyse all forms of free text, voice recognition, PDA transfer or copy and paste. It will decipher doctor’s speak, acronyms and abbreviations and will even correct misspelt words. It will even work on all Latin based language sets.

Q. Is it secure?

  • On full implementation, our package would be accessed via a dedicated VPN secure interface. This meets and exceeds all security preconditions for HIPAA / HITECH standards.

Q. What disruption would it cause to my current system?

  • Via a secure interface, our system fits straight into your existing HIS seamlessly and without disruption and can even be used across multiple HIS networks and platforms with varying report formats.

Q. What is the training period required?

  • Despite the complex nature of our product, it is incredibly easy to use and our trials have indicated that coders will successfully use the system at first try.

Q. How do I know it will work?

  • Our product has already been successfully trialled and Beta Tested in the United States and achieved outstanding results. Furthermore, you are invited to trial our product for free to give you total confidence and peace of mind.